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Protect Your Child's Smile
with A Fluoride Treatment

A professional fluoride treatment can help protect children's teeth from cavities and prevent existing tooth decay from becoming more severe. With a commitment to providing your child with the highest-quality care, Riverside Pediatric Dentistry on the Upper West Side, NY, offers several types of fluoride treatments including basic fluoride and varnish as well as silver diamine fluoride (SDF), which can arrest the development of decay to achieve the best results. Our dentist want to help your child achieve and maintain the best possible oral health, and fluoride can reduce the risk of needing much more extensive treatment in the future. 

child's smile

Direct application of fluoride can fortify your child's teeth against decay.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Approximately, one in every seven children between two to eight years old in the U.S. suffers from untreated decay. The most common causes of tooth decay among children include sugary snacks and beverages and going to sleep with a bottle.

Even using sippy cups can lead to cavities when they allow sugary liquid to contact the teeth directly for an extended period of time. Allowing your child to go to a bed with sippy cups or using them over the age of one is typically not recommended. Meanwhile, children are still learning how to care for their teeth, making it easy for plaque and tartar to accumulate.

Fluoride Treatments We Offer

Fluoride treatments can help prevent, slow down, or halt the development of tooth decay. We recommend that your child undergo an annual or biannual fluoride treatment to ensure that they are continuously protected. During your consultation, our dentist can evaluate your child's oral health to determine the best course of care. We currently provide three types of fluoride treatments:

Basic Fluoride

A basic fluoride treatment is typically administered as a gel, foam, or rinse. The process is simple as the gel or foam can be applied using trays that are worn for about one minute. 

Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish contains a higher concentration of fluoride. This method is applied by painting the varnish directly onto the teeth.

Our dentist is focused on helping your child experience a lifetime of healthy smiles. 

Silver Diamine Fluoride

We can also use, and highly recommend, silver diamine fluoride (SDF), which is composed of silver and fluoride to help prevent and treat cavities. SDF has been proven to provide significantly better protection than other fluoride varnish treatments, providing two times the effectiveness in both ceasing decay progression and preventing the development of new decay on treated teeth. It strengthens the teeth through remineralization while killing the bacteria that leads to decay. Please be aware that children with a silver allergy should not be treated with SDF. 

When teeth are treated with SDF, the area with decay will turn black and remain that way. If it comes into contact with gums, it may temporarily change their color, but this typically resolves within two to 14 days. SDF is a simple and effective treatment. 

What to Expect 

At Riverside Pediatric Dentistry, we will apply the selected fluoride method, which best suits your child's treatment needs. Prior to applying the fluoride treatment, the teeth are cleaned by removing any debris. After your child's fluoride treatment, we recommend waiting 30 minutes to an hour before allowing your child to eat or drink, and at least four to six hours before brushing your child's teeth after treatment. It is important that your child receives regular cleanings so that our dentist can monitor cavities.

Additional Advantages of Fighting Cavities with Fluoride

In addition to being a fast treatment, fluoride is also affordable. In fact, many insurance plans cover this treatment since it is effective in preventing the need for costlier and more complex treatments. However, advanced decay may require a more extensive procedure such as a dental filling. 

The Best Cavity Protection

As pediatric dental care providers, our dentist are focused on helping your child experience a lifetime of healthy smiles. Do not allow cavities to cause issues in the future. Contact us online or by phone at (646) 343-9599 to learn more about the benefits of fluoride treatments. 

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"Everything went perfect and smooth. My daughter felt safe and didn't cry. Going to the dentist felt like going out for fun."

-Sarah N.
New York, NY