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A Pediatric Dental Office Caring for Your Child's Smile

Your First Dental Visit

Riverside Pediatric Dentistry on the Upper West Side, NY, provides specialized dentistry for infants, children, young adults and those with special needs in a safe, nurturing and rewarding environment.

Creating a Positive Dental Experience


We create a fun environment through kid-friendly service and amenities that can make visiting the dentist an enjoyable experience for your child.


A compassionate approach, optional sedation, and patient education can help your child to feel comfortable under our care.


We follow the latest and most stringent standards to ensure your child's safety at every stage of his or her treatment.

Our Mission

At Riverside Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to acting in the best interest of your child and pride ourselves on providing leading pediatric dental care to your child by acting with compassion and integrity.

No-Fear Dental Care

We offer nitrous oxide sedation and silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to safely manage anxiety and other needs during treatment.

Safety First

Your child's health is important to us. We use digital x-rays that emit 90 percent less radiation.

Cleanliness is Key

Our sterilization room allows us to keep all of our tools and equipment exceptionally clean.

Our Services 

Dental Hygiene

  • Initial exam
  • Recare check up
  • X-rays




  • Whitening
  • Tooth bonding

Behavior Management


  • Space maintainers


Special Needs

First Dental Visit


Your child’s first visit to the dentist can set the foundation for a lifetime of dental care. At Riverside Pediatric Dentistry, we make every effort to help each young patient have a positive introduction to dental care and oral health.

Preschool, Primary School, Adolescent

The Latest Technology

child receiving dental x-ray
Digital x-rays are safer and more efficient.

We have created a state-of-the-art dental office that incorporates the latest technology for advanced care. Our practice focuses on your child's safety and efficient, comfortable treatment. We conduct comprehensive exams using extraoral digital x-rays that use 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. We also use a sterilization area that ensures that all equipment is held to the highest sanitation standards.

We have also equipped our waiting area and treatment rooms with amenities such as ceiling-mounted televisions, electronic games, and iPads for your children to enjoy during their visit. 

Insurances We Accept

  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • Anthem/ BCBS PPO
  • Careington Network
  • Guardian PPO
  • United Concordia
  • Aetna PPO
  • Sun Life Financial
  • If your insurance company is not listed above, we are still happy to treat your child. To get more information about your out-of-network benefits, please call our office at (646) 343-9599
  • Your dental  insurance plan is a contract between you and your insurance company. As a courtesy to our patients, Riverside Pediatric Dentistry will generate and submit a claim to your insurance company on the day that services are rendered. Ultimately, you are responsible for knowing the coverage's of your plan. Payment is due at time of service. Please keep in mind that you assume responsibility for your total obligation should your insurance benefits results in less coverage than anticipated. 

Rate Your Experience

We strive to provide each and every patient with an enjoyable experience and a healthy smile. We would sincerely appreciate if you shared your family's experience with us. 

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"Everything went perfect and smooth. My daughter felt safe and didn't cry. Going to the dentist felt like going out for fun."

-Sarah N.
New York, NY